José carlos díez, inauguration of the iv foro de la economía (iv economic forum)

    On Tuesday, April 26, Professor Miguel Sebastián’s book «La falsa Bonanza» was presented in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The event was moderated by Professor Francisco Javier André García, Vice-Dean of Research, Doctorate and Library, and José Carlos Díez, Professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis at the University of Alcalá and Ignacio Álvarez, Professor in the Department of Economic Structure and Development Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, participated as guests in the debate.

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    Fridays are the day of José Carlos Díez’s column in El País. Current affairs, sincerity and proposals in equal parts, he often gives lines of action that are subsequently followed by the different agents. On many occasions his focus is on Brussels, which he regularly criticizes for its lack of speed and flexibility in making macro decisions.
    In addition, José Carlos Díez is a talk show host on several television programs, generally on La Sexta and Telecinco. His appearances are regular on programs such as «Al rojo vivo», «La sexta noche» and «El programa de Ana Rosa».
    In addition to the media, José Carlos is very active in his blog. In addition, every Monday (without fail, by the way) he sends his thousands of free subscribers his «analysis of the week», where he gives a technical vision and a deep analysis of the global economic situation, including debt, markets, political situation… and of course, his predictions.
    Money does not bring happiness, but it helps to achieve it, as the saying goes. And the economy? asks José Carlos Díez. Crisis, unemployment, scarce investment in innovation, the rise of populism at a global level, are some of the burning points of this great book.

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    He married Araceli Zambrano, María Zambrano’s sister, whom he diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1928, after she fainted while giving a lecture at the Ateneo de Valladolid. This marriage was short-lived, and at the end of the war they were already separated.
    He also maintained good relations with Latin American legations, such as Uruguay and Mexico. He was the personal physician of the Mexican ambassador Narciso Bassols. Thanks to these contacts he was able to obtain an exit visa from the Soviet Union in 1946 and travel to Mexico. He arrived in exile in Mexico City in November 1945 by plane. He initially entered Mexico as a visitor to research and work on studies related to the chair he would be in charge of at the Faculty of Medicine in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, he was later authorized to change his status from visitor to political asylee, taking up residence in Mexico.

    José carlos díez, economic analyst

    José Carlos Díez, professor of economics at Icade, predicts a complicated future for Europe: «The dynamics of the debt crisis are still unsustainable», while the US has overcome the crisis, the Eurozone could fall into a third recession, the economist assures. Hans-Werner Sinn calls for a debt write-down to end the crisis in southern Europe.
    But then, «the plumber from Hanover thinks the same way and for that reason there is no assembly solution possible to a debt crisis, except conflict. In other words, a prisoner’s dilemma in which both parties lose more than if they cooperate,» argues Díez.

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