Salvados interview with pau a montserrat

    Recently the press has echoed a sentence that gives the reason to a businessman who sued his insurer for not wanting to indemnify him, in compliance with the insurance policy for business closure that he had contracted with Generali Seguros.
    In this article I will analyze the legislative measures related to the mortgage moratorium and non-mortgage financing credit approved. We will answer questions that we are all asking ourselves: who can take advantage of the moratorium on the payment of mortgages and personal loans, under what conditions, which mortgage loans are subject to the moratorium, how can we take advantage of the moratorium on mortgages and personal loans?
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    Interview with pau monserrat: opportunities for banking and online finance.

    In 2010 he made the leap from physical banks to online finance, a sector he has not abandoned to this day as editorial director at the personal finance portal iAhorro. He is known as a popularizer of economics and critic of bad banking practices following his appearance in January 2012 on Jordi Évole’s program Salvados (La Sexta), an appearance that has been followed by many more on television talk shows, such as El gran debate on Telecinco or La sexta columna. COPE or Cadena Ser have been radio media in which he has collaborated, as well as in newspapers such as El Economista or the Internet version of Expansión, El Confidencial or Invertia, among others.
    The financial professional and former bank worker Pau A. Monserrat, who has published with La Esfera de los Libros La banca culpable, will offer in Palma de Mallorca the conference “Panorama económico-bancario-financiero, ¿cómo hemos llegado…
    The financial professional and former bank worker Pau A. Monserrat, who has published with La Esfera de los Libros La banca culpable, will offer in Palma de Mallorca the conference “El trabajo en el futuro”, where he…

    Presentation by economist pau a. monserrat

    The Association of Insurance Brokers of the Valencian Community (ACS-CV) held on Wednesday in the framework of Forinvest 2017 a masterclass by the consultant Pau A. Monserrat on the commercial activity of branch banking. In the presentation of the day Florentino Pastor, president of ACS-CV, thanked the presence of the professionals who filled the room and introduced the central theme of the event.
    Pau Monserrat described the banks as “bad competitors”, due to the malpractice they employ in marketing, often consciously. In his opinion, the intention was that “branches should become mere points of sale”, without sufficient professional advice for consumers and without adequate training. In this sense, he compared the situation to that of a doctor who prescribes certain drugs knowing that they are not necessary.
    Francisco Álvarez, General Director of Economy of the Generalitat Valenciana, highlighted the value of the advice given by insurance brokers at the closing of the conference. In his opinion, “personalized advice is absolutely necessary, adapting to the client’s circumstances”.

    Speech by mr. pau antoni monserrat

    It is also a book that radiates clarity. The author takes advantage of the experience gained from having worked for several credit institutions to illustrate to readers the complexities of the financial market and the conflicts of interest that threaten customer protection. As an example, the book describes the case of preferred shares, financial hybrids with which the savings banks reinforced their own resources, creating a risk for the client that was not noticed by the branch salesmen.

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