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There are different types of employee pensions. The benefit agreement and the contribution agreement are the most common, but you also have the capital agreement. Check your pension plan1-2-3 to see which pension plan you have. You can usually find this on the pension insurer’s website. The pension premium is often paid jointly by the employer and employee. Check your pay slip to see whether this applies to you. Read here what the various pension schemes entail.
A benefit agreement is a pension plan in which agreements have been made about the level of your pension benefit. Your employer pays a premium to a pension provider. Usually you as an employee also pay part of the premium. Benefit agreements can be divided into:
With a defined contribution agreement, you know what premium your employer pays to the pension provider. Because the premium is invested, the return is not certain. With the proceeds of the investments, you buy a pension benefit. On your retirement date you will receive a fixed benefit. This fixed benefit provides certainty about the amount in euros.


When you are nearing retirement, you will be given a number of choices that will affect your pension. For example, you can choose to exchange part of your pension for a partner’s pension, but you can also retire earlier or partially.  At Pensioenfonds DNB you have the following options:
On your retirement date you can convert part of your retirement pension into an extra partner’s pension. This will reduce your own old-age pension. If you make this choice, you cannot turn it back.See what converting a retirement pension into a partner’s pension means for you
On your retirement date you can convert (part of) the partner’s pension into an extra retirement pension. This increases your own old-age pension. Your partner, if any, must give written consent for this.  If you opt for this, it cannot be reversed. See what converting a partner’s pension into an old-age pension means for you
Your pension starts when you reach the age of 68. But you can already (partially) retire at age 55. For example, you can choose to work one day a week less. You will still accrue pension on the days you continue to work. This does mean, however, that you will receive a (sometimes considerably) lower amount in pension each year. This is because you will miss out on income and pension accrual, and your pension will have to be paid out over a longer period of time.  Find out what early or partial retirement means for you

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Do you agree with our statement? Then we will arrange the transfer. Is your pension € 2 or less per year? Then this pension will lapse according to the law. This is because the costs of administration are higher than € 2.00.
Is your pension less than € 503.24 per year in 2021? Then your old pension fund or insurer (‘pension provider’) may also transfer your pension automatically to us. To do so, look at the last pension statement they sent you. It will show whether you have to do anything yourself to transfer your pension.
Will you have a different job later? And a different pension plan? Then you will start accruing pension in that pension plan. In that case you can also opt to take your accrued pension with you. You can apply to your new pension fund for this.
Value transfer is not necessary if you find a new job with Rabobank or a company affiliated with our pension fund. In that case you will continue to accrue pension with us. In other words, your pension scheme will not change. Is your pension with us less than € 503.24 per year in 2021? Then we will automatically make the transfer for you. Is your pension less than € 2.00 per year? Then your pension will lapse.

Que plan de pensiones elegir del momento

To this day, there is no general statutory pension obligation in the Netherlands. In other words, in principle an employer is free to offer his employees a pension plan or not. In practice, however, an employer is usually not as free as you might expect based on the above. Many employers are limited in their freedom to choose whether or not to offer a pension plan and to choose their own pension administrator. In many cases, this also restricts an employee’s freedom of choice as to whether or not to participate in a pension plan.
The majority of Dutch employees are obliged to participate in one of more than 50 industry-wide pension funds for their pension accrual. The best known industry pension funds are: ABP (for government and education), PFZW (care and welfare), BPF Bouw and the Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek.
It is very important to check periodically whether your company and/or your employees fall within the scope of an obligatory industry-wide pension fund. The employer is primarily responsible for this. However, the accountant, payroll office or pension advisor may also have a role to play here.

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