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    This novel is set in France, during the Second World War. Vianne lives with her family and her husband has to leave to fight on the front. When the Nazis invade France, Vienne will be forced to risk everything, including living with the enemy, to protect her daughter.
    The protagonists of this story, Rhys and Ginger, have a fleeting encounter in Paris. However, their paths immediately diverge. She lives in London and he does not stop seeing the world. Since then they keep sending emails to each other, through which a story of love and friendship grows between them.
    This is the first book of the romantic trilogy of the same name and is set in Leningrad in 1941. When Hitler’s army is about to invade the city, young Tatiana falls in love with Alexander, a lieutenant in the Red Army. However, the couple has to face the tensions of a war environment and Desha, Tatiana’s sister, who is interested in young Alexander.

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    Faced with this situation, which society considers compromising, he has no choice but to ask for her hand. The Cynster family is delighted that the famous libertine finally decides to marry, but the last thing the rebellious young woman wants is a husband who controls her.
    Vane Cynster had always known which way the wind was blowing: in the direction of marriage. Perhaps the other males in the Cynster family didn’t mind walking down the aisle, but Vane never wanted to be tied down to any woman, no matter how lovely.
    Bellamy Hall seemed to him the perfect place to hide for a time from the London husband-hunters, but when he met Patience Debbington he understood that he had found the ideal match for himself, and soon more than the desire for seduction was born in his mind.
    Patience was unwilling to succumb to Vane’s sensual advances. His kisses left her dazed, his caresses made her melt, but he was an arrogant, presumptuous and unfaithful man just like any other. Patience had promised herself that she would never expose herself to having her heart broken.

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    The books that we propose to you include a series of great authors of universal Literature: Bukowski, Kafka, Borges, Allan Poe, García Marquez, Sábato, among others. To access the books you only have to click on the links below.
    Remember that reading makes us different, brings new knowledge and broadens our vision of things. As Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra would say: “He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot”.
    Congratulations! Don’t miss a single moment of the day to do what you are most passionate about: reading. And if you are looking for more suggestions of free books I recommend you to visit my blog La Biblioteca de Juanjo. See you soon!

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    The most important thing about the NEW ADULT genre is that the emotions feel as real as possible and that the characters transition to emotional growth throughout the story, making us feel great emotions throughout the development of the story.
    Lucas Allen and Natalie Clark have been cyber-dating. Then she shows up on the doorstep of his ranch in a winter storm with a pink gun in one hand, a dead coyote at her feet, three whimpering puppies behind her and a baby in her arms.He could handle it all. Except the baby.Natalie has baggage, but so does Lucas.Will they be willing to help each other unpack before Christmas?
    Three… I know he’s no good for me.Two…. My instincts are screaming at me to run away.One…. But if he keeps looking at me like that…What will I do when I get to zero? Indomitable, controlling, authoritarian, relentless, sweet, provocative…He’s dangerous.He’s enigmatic.He’s absolutely addictive.He’s my man.
    Rowen knows there’s no happily ever after for the golden boy and the rebellious girl-the happiness of the moment is fleeting-so she tries to forget and ignore the guy who makes her feel things she’s not sure she’s ready to feel. But the more she pushes him away, the more he seems to haunt her. The more she convinces herself she doesn’t care, the more she falls in love.

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