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    I don’t know if you know the video that was released after the premiere of the musical «Les Miserables» in which actors and actresses demonstrated the vocal exercises they had to do to warm up their voices:
    From a cat in a pinch to farting with the tongue, the point is that our phonatory apparatus needs to be trained as well. You can imitate the cast of the movie and their peculiar exercises or warm up your voice by singing softly, moving your tongue from one side to the other, massaging your jaw and opening and closing your mouth or breathing well with the upper part of your thorax to let your voice project well. It is especially important to keep your body relaxed: walk, stretch, do yoga before your presentation or speech. You will see that with effort you will achieve results and it will cost you less and less.
    Writing for fluency is about writing as a form of discovery, of finding out one’s opinions. In order to best prepare our students for writing, we must spend time writing for pleasure and exploration. In this article, Jade Blue shares some practical classroom activities to try with your students to build fluency in writing.

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    – The student performs practical exercises; individually evaluated and corrected.Super TeacherMr. Miguel Angel is one of our best teachers. Quality profile, validated diploma and response on the day, his students love him!
    RReyMr. Miguel Ángel, even without being a teacher of any of my assigned subjects, supports me with any doubts I may have, is attentive to his students and tries to be in contact with them, he is a teacher very committed to his work.
    NNoraI know the professor because I took subjects with him in my undergraduate studies at the Law School of the UNAM, such as Administrative Law I, Public Speaking and support with additional classes in subjects such as General Theory of Law and Environmental Law.
    I have many anecdotes with the professor, but one that I had is the very professional way of facing a confrontational circumstance that I had in a grade, with much aplomb and respect, he placed me in my mistake and that makes me have the confidence that besides being a great teacher, he is a great human being.

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    In my TPT Spanish Mix & Match store you have at your disposal a collection of 72 cut-out flashcards designed for intermediate and high levels. This resource also includes instructions for the teacher with 4 different game options. You can access it by clicking on the following link: Conversation cards What would you rather? (Would you rather)
    Great material! Super well explained and dynamic to read. Thank you very much because it helped me to renew or modify some similar exercises in my theater classes! <3 Thanks for sharing it.
    I loved what you shared especially where you say not getting nervous being in front of the whole class is precisely taking the bull by the horns. I’m going to combine it with what I’m doing to improve my results.
    Thank you very much for the suggestions. I think all of us teachers are always looking for new ideas to make our classes as interesting as possible. Your website is a great help, a big hug from Madrid!

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    Oratory in Rome: Cicero Definition «Oratory» is the practical application of the laws of Rhetoric with a view to the elaboration and pronunciation of speeches. Rhetoric is science, theory; the
    ORATORIC Oratory, or the art of speaking eloquently, is necessary in all societies, for there will always be an occasion when one has to address an audience to convince it or to express
    LATIN II ORATORY IN ROME 1. INTRODUCTION. CHARACTERISTICS OF ROMAN SPEECH. TYPES AND DISCURSIVE GENRES. Already in the Homeric poems, great importance is given to the gift of eloquence that the Roman poets have in their speech.
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