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    Objectives: The objectives of this resource are very broad, since they allow the work of the mathematics area in depth. After the analysis carried out in Matematiczate, we consider that Retomates mainly aims to motivate students to learn mathematics through games. Another important goal of Retomates is to be useful for teachers to create challenges, tournaments and exams.
    Luca’s corner gives access to the various mini-games for each mathematical activity (listed earlier in this blog). Some of the mini-games have different levels that are unlocked as the student gets the results right.
    Students using Luca’s Corner, from first grade onwards, can use the resource to reinforce and practice what they have learned in the classroom. The teacher can offer access to the game at the end of the didactic units and allow students to practice the knowledge acquired during the units. Beforehand, the teacher can provide the printable activities during the sessions prior to the practice on the PC, in order to familiarize the students with the resource.

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    It is fundamental for a correct mathematical development to have a good command of our numbering system. In this section we are going to publish activities that help us to work all the numeration.
    You need a device (computer, tablet, phone with internet…) for each player or team, and an extra device to run and load the game, click on the link or the picture and click on «play» – «start now» – «classic» A code will appear that you must copy in the device that each player has on the page: Once all the players have entered their names, click on «start» on the computer that runs the game and we will be ready to start playing.
    In this game you have to place the hour hand of the analog clock to match the time of the digital clock, to do this you have to click on the needle and do not release it until it reaches the time. Click on the image to play.
    Now you have to place the minute hand of the analog clock to match the time of the digital clock, to do this you have to prick the needle and do not release it until it reaches the right minutes. Click on the image to play.


    These badges are exportable to the Mozilla Backpack, since retomates is a Mozilla Open Badges issuer. Today, learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. However, it is difficult to get recognition for those qualities and achievements outside the classroom. Mozilla’s Open Badges project works to solve this problem by making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges on the web through a technical infrastructure.
    All this, together with the possibility of choosing an avatar for each registered user and the interaction that occurs in online games with other people, gives the web a certain air of social networking, which makes it an ideal learning environment for teenagers, whether in the classroom or elsewhere.

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