2020 income tax return

    To begin with, do you really know which boxes you have to check on your return? Not all of them are equally important and it is easy to miss some of them. That is why we leave you below a tool that can be very useful for you when making your return.
    Before you start to make your income tax return, you should stop and think about whether or not you have to do it. Not everyone is obliged to pay income tax. As a general rule, only those who have earned more than 22,000 euros with a single payer or more than 14,000 with two or more payers and have received more than 1,500 euros from the second and subsequent payers are obliged to pay income tax in the 2020 tax return.
    Once you have finished filling in the income you can file the IRPF online from Renta Web or print it and present it in a Tax Office or in an entity collaborating with the Tax Office (most banks are). In this case, Renta Web will generate a proof of payment so that you can present it at the bank and pay the amount that you have to pay in the income tax.

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    Renta login

    The Tax Agency has taken the decision to eliminate the PADRE program. As of the 2016 income tax return, the tax return can be filed through the ‘Renta Web’ system of the electronic headquarters of the Inland Revenue or through its offices in a physical way.
    As we all know, the PADRE program helped us to prepare the income tax return. The program was eliminated for most of the taxpayers and had been left for the declarations of the economic activities, that is to say, for the self-employed.
    For the next income tax return, it will start on April 5 for those who file their tax returns through the Internet. The rest of the taxpayers will start filing from May 11 until June 30.
    Another novelty is the new system for the filing of the registry books through the electronic headquarters of the Treasury. The SII or the ‘Sistema de Información Inmediata’ (Immediate Information System) consists of the electronic registration of invoicing that from July 2017 is put into operation.
    The ‘Immediate Information System’ is mandatory for companies, professionals and other taxpayers whose settlement coincides with the calendar month and for those large companies with a turnover exceeding during 2016 of 6,010,121.04 euros, VAT groups and those registered in the Register of monthly VAT Refund Return.

    Income tax return

    Renta Web is a service created by the Tax Agency to facilitate the processing and filing of income tax returns for all taxpayers. Once you have identified yourself, you have access to the tax data and the draft tax return. All this, at the moment, ‘online’. This system was released with the 2015 income, it replaced the Father program, created in 1988, and caused at the beginning some collapses in the network by the avalanche of users who wanted to use it.
    Another of its advantages is that it allows to make and file a rectification of a return already processed, if necessary. The tax return can be filed immediately, without having to go anywhere, once the draft has been reviewed.
    To begin with, it is essential to identify yourself. Once on the Tax Agency website, you must select “draft/return processing service (Renta Web)”. The first time you use it, you will be asked to confirm your address or modify it if necessary. Once this step has been taken, you will see that you have a draft tax return prepared. You must review it and provide information if it is missing. With all this you will be able to obtain the summary of results. If you agree, you will be able to file the return by checking the option “File return”.

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