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    Presentation templates are usually included in the .potx file format. PowerPoint for the web cannot open .potx files, so you need the help of a desktop version (Windows or MacOS) of PowerPoint to start working with a .potx file:
    When you open the web page for this sample file type, you will see an Edit button in the browser (along with the Download button ). Click Edit in the browser to open the file in PowerPoint for the web and start customizing it for your purposes.

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    Presentations continue to be a vital marketing tool for all companies. They are not only used internally, but also as a powerful tool to present clients with new proposals, business offers, content changes and much more.
    PowerPoint templates are a predefined set of slides that have a specific purpose, with which you can create professional custom presentations easily and with little effort.
    We want your presentation to really earn all the applause. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best PowerPoint templates you can find online. Some are dynamic, fun and modern, while others are elegant or subtle. Use the one that best suits your project and audience.
    If you want your presentations to look serious and not boring, we recommend this template. Its main color is blue and it conveys knowledge, experience and security, as well as it gives importance and seriousness to your content.

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    PowerPoint is a very complete and powerful tool, not for nothing is it basically synonymous with the word “presentations” since these can be created on a computer. However, anyone who has used it knows that, to get the best results you have to invest a lot of time and work in it.
    This one comes with a trailer and everything. It is part of a collection of free templates from a site called “The Power of PowerPoint”, so you get the idea of what they do. It is a very colorful template, includes over 80 fully animated slides, with even several animations showing at the same time.
    This template is from the same site as the previous one, it contains 45 fully animated slides in four varieties of colors. If you are interested in licensing some of the content they use, such as images and fonts, you can read details in the description.
    This template is free for personal and commercial use, contains 25 slides extremely elegant and created by Slidesmash Design. All fully editable, and also includes 100 free to use vector icons.

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    In presentations, icons can be used to complement titles and themes, break the monotony of text and solidify meanings. When your audience sees an icon, they not only see that image but also quickly identify what it represents.
    Another option I use frequently in presentations and ebooks is Font Awesome, a library of over 1800 free icons that can be inserted into PowerPoint and Keynote with a simple copy and paste, significantly speeding up their creation. In order to use these icons, you must first download and install FontAwesome on your computer.
    Animations are generally not well received by people viewing a presentation. Although they are very popular in PowerPoint and other applications, my advice is to use them infrequently as they tend to make your audience dizzy and distract them from the explanation.

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