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Garden furniture upholstery

In part 1 of DIY blog Making Your Own Lounge Cushion, I showed step by step how to make the inside cushions for a new lounge cushion set for your garden furniture. For the second part of we are going to go through the steps to make the cushion covers yourself.
fabric (length of the cushions side by side with about 50 cm clearance) textile scissors pins thread loose zippers as long as the width of the seat (for a long cushion 2/3 of the seat) sewing machine
Making the cushion covers is not very difficult. However, it is helpful to already have some knowledge about how to use a sewing machine. The prep work – as with most DIY projects – takes the most work.
To start with, fold the fabric in half. If you buy a new fabric it is often already folded in half and you measure from the left side 52 cm to the right. Add 2 cm for seams (1 cm per side). Then add another 7 cm for the thickness of the cushion.
Make a line from top to bottom and cut the folded piece of fabric. When the fabric is 61 cm wide you can measure the bottom. In the vertical line you have only one seam. To the 48 cm add 1 cm and 7 cm for the thickness of the pillow. From the fold down, measure 56 cm.

Reupholstering garden cushions

Cut a rectangle from the 40 x 135 cm piece of fabric. With chalk, mark the folds on the wrong side of the fabric. Use this formula: width of fabric – width of cushion divided by two.
Pin a small rolled hem on both narrow sides, which is a hem where you turn the edge 2 times.Secure both hems with a lockstitch and then iron them flat. Next, fold the finished sides inward on the fold lines (37.5 cm from the side). Make sure the nice side of your fabric is on the inside. This way the two finished sides overlap in the middle.
It is also fun to make a cover from different fabrics. Then cut the pieces using the folding diagram (see 3.) and add 1 cm to the lengths for the seam. Would you prefer the covers to be more tightly closed? Then stitch Velcro to the overlay.
Tip: Make your homemade pillow extra fun! Add appliques, ribbon and/or lace. Sea green accessories are very trendy these days! Use sea-green fabric for a fresh home look; find inspiration here!

Garden set reupholstery

When you’re creating an outdoor space for your family, beauty and comfort are two lofty priorities – and your outdoor cushions should meet both requirements. Whether you want to enjoy a good conversation over a cool drink with a friend, or curl up in a chair with a summer book, or just spend a lazy afternoon lounging, you want to be comfortable either way.Lounging on wrought iron or wicker, however, is not so comfortable. That’s when cushions for your garden furniture come in handy! They are also the best way to add color, texture and detail to your patio or porch.
Reasons to make your own cushionsMaybe the original cushions that came with your garden furniture have endured several summers and need to be replaced. Or maybe you want to change the entire appearance of your outdoor space with the seasons. Whatever the reason, a spectacular way to freshen up your outdoor furniture is a do-it-yourself project with outdoor cushions.It’s not always easy to find the perfect cushions. By making your own cushions, you keep control of the whole creative process. With DIY pillows, unlike ready-made pillows, you can choose the size, color and print. They are very easy to make yourself, thanks to our incredible collection of beautiful outdoor designer fabrics and our detailed step-by-step tutorial.


Sitting comfortably, just with a glass of wine or a lovely book. Or both of course… 😉 Is there a better way to spend the summer (and winter) days? We think not! On delicious custom made cushions by us you sit of course the very, very best. We think so ourselves of course.
Nofruit delivers top quality cushions for your custom-made seat cushions, with 100% colorfast, water-repellent and hard-wearing materials. We make comfortable seat cushions according to your measurements, fabrics and colors. Truly unique.
Seat cushions should, of course, be comfortable. They should also be able to withstand the sun when they are lying outside and it would also be nice to be able to withstand a shower. It is therefore important that the fabric is hardwearing, colorfast and dirt-resistant. All our fabrics have their own unique properties. So there is a fabric for everyone and in every budget.
Do you want seat cushions in a bold color or color combination that not everyone has? Or rather nice and basic? Or just matching your existing (garden) furniture? It is all possible. At Nofruit you have plenty of choice in colors and designs. And so you decide exactly what you like.

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