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    Find the spare parts at the best price for your car, original spare parts for your car at the best price, in our catalog you can find more than 100,000 references in spare parts for your car. Browse through the different categories of our online scrapyard to find the spare part you need, if you have any questions our technical team will advise you from our online chat or if you prefer you can call us.
    Find original wheels of any brand at the best price, original wheels for Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Seat, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen and more. Second hand or recycled original brand tires, quality at the best price.

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    How to buy parts in a scrapyard? In this article we intend to give you all the tips to go shopping at Desguaces La Torre or vehicle recycling centers. Some of them are like giant supermarkets of used parts.
    If your budget is very tight, you should go to Desguaces La Torre or any other similar establishment. Regarding the price of a new part, the savings are impressive: up to 70 or 80%. You can find real bargains! However, we do not recommend buying used tires. On the other hand, a junkyard is a place where you will find many parts for your classic car, although as always, it all depends on the model you have and its rarity. Many spare parts are no longer manufactured by the brand itself and you will have to resort to second-hand parts for the restoration of your car. By the way, in Desguaces La Torre you can also buy new spare parts at a good price. Of course, they are not original spare parts.
    In addition, cars lose oil and other liquids and it is very easy to get dirty. A good option is to put on a mechanic’s overalls when you arrive at the junkyard. When you leave, you take it off and all your clothes will be clean.

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    With the global crisis we are going through, perform maintenance or repair of any unforeseen breakdown of our car can be a challenge. If you have to make any repairs to your vehicle, Desguaces La Torre Web can be the best supermarket of parts to fix our car.
    Many people think that in the scrapyards are only external parts and that those that are subject to wear are not worth it because they do not know their condition.  It is a big mistake, all mechanical parts sold in scrapyards have been checked and reviewed by qualified mechanics so even carry a certain warranty period depending on the particular part.
    But just as the scrapyard can get us out of a tight spot it can also get us into it, you have to be careful and select well the parts that are worth buying used and those that are not. You can follow these tips but above all never try to save on parts that are linked to the safety of the car and its occupants.

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    Used parts are the most ecological choice for your car, as well as the most convenient for your pocket. Do not discard the benefits of obtaining an original part from the manufacturer at a great price.
    We are committed to quality and service and to provide user confidence. Access the services of different scrapyards through our web portal and contact the customer service of each one individually and they will solve the doubts with the parts they sell or the steps they offer.
    In our offer of parts, we are very pleased to be able to offer {a variety of reusable spare parts, that is, parts whose inner parts are exchanged for other new and quality parts, obtaining a product with excellent guarantee of performance and safety. Among others, we offer starter motors, alternators, turbochargers…

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