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Pay fines online

To make an in-person procedure in any of our Traffic offices you need to book an appointment. We will try to provide it as soon as possible and, at least, within fifteen days after you make your request.
You can consult and cancel your appointment at any time. You can also do this if your appointment is for an exchange of driving licenses from non-EU countries.
The most common is that you request an appointment for «Office procedures», and within them that you tell us specifically for which area you need your appointment (registration, transfer or deregistration of your vehicle, examination, renewal or duplicate of your driving license, presentation of allegations or appeals to a fine, etc.).
If you do it online, we remind you to click on the ‘Confirm’ button to make sure that the appointment has been booked, and to download the appointment confirmation by clicking on the option «Get Reminder» Help.
Please note that if there are no appointments available for the processing area you need, you cannot request an appointment for a procedure in another area for which there are free appointments, since the procedures are only handled in the area indicated in the information for each office.

Dgt appointment

Calling by telephone to 060, you can carry out and solve the following procedures: Duplicate driving license due to loss, theft…, Change of address for notifications, Payment of fines, Duplicate vehicle documentation, Change of tax address, Vehicle report, Consultation of environmental badges (DGT labels), Request for prior appointment.
If you install the miDGT app on your smartphone or tablet, you can carry out all these procedures: Consultation of points, Change of address for notifications, Vehicle report, Consultation of environmental badges (DGT labels), Payment of fees.
If you go in person to a post office, you can also carry out these procedures: Environmental stickers (DGT labels), Payment of fines, Duplicate vehicle documentation.

Electronic headquarters

DGT, offers different channels very well updated to get the information you need: Traffic, procedures, fines, etc… Remember that most of the procedures can be done from the web. There are other procedures and transfers that you will have no choice but to go to the nearest offices.
If you want to know more information about this entity, you can freely access its website. In which is very well detailed everything you need to know about DGT, something that perhaps the free phone DGT could not give you in a complete way.
Therefore, it is based on the rights and duties that each person should have about road safety, sustainable mobility, the promotion of safe road environments and safe vehicles. Thus, if form of action is done from different perspectives. First could be found the road policy strategies that encompass the laws of this nature.

Tax agency

DGT’s Electronic Headquarters is divided into five large blocks the interaction of the citizen with Traffic to which we can access to resolve issues related to: fines, driving licenses, vehicles, mobility and other procedures. All these sections are focused on making it quick and easy for the user to get to where he/she needs to go.
To access these procedures, the user must register in the MiDGT platform, either with the DNIe / electronic certificate or by registering in the PIN 24H Access or permanent [email protected] services. Once the user has accessed in any of these ways and is logged into MiDGT, he/she will be able to carry out all the procedures and formalities that the DGT’s Electronic Headquarters makes available to him/her.
Within the category of Driving licenses you will find all the information related to obtain driving licenses, the points license or duplicates or changes or renewals. You will have all kinds of data to consult the grade of the driving test, to prepare yourself with model tests or to have printed documents.

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