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    Barça has reached the decisive game of the season without Navarro, ruled out due to his foot injury during the first game of the final. A rarefied atmosphere with untimely renewals and the departure of six players.
    The NBA announced that the 2017 All Star will return to the city of Charlotte, which already hosted it in 1991. Michael Jordan’s efforts have been paramount. Adam Silver: «I want to thank Michael Jordan for his support».
    The board of CB Tizona Autocid Ford Burgos confirmed its intention to leave the club in case the promotion to the Endesa League achieved on the courts more than two months ago is not ratified.

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    In this version we release the complete calendars of the season for each team. Now you will be able to comfortably see all the matches played and all the remaining matches of each team at a glance.
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    The volcano keeps stopped one of the best telescopes in the world16 commentsA lava flow has already reached the gas station in La Laguna and, if it heads north, there would be a scenario «undesirable «Felipe González wants Juan Carlos «back now» and asks that his presumption of innocence is respected5 commentsVillarejo now says he met with Rajoy in Genoa to ensure that he gave the «order» to investigate Barcenas5 commentsThe cost of having. … and not having children: assisted reproduction, a booming business in the midst of the birth crisis
    Villarejo: «Al rey emérito le inyectaron hormonas femeninas para rebajarle la libido «A tornado surprises a civil guard while measuring the air by the eruption in La PalmaThe most recent eruptive mouth begins to emit pyroclastsA man falls from the basket of a hot-air balloon

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