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In 2003 Fito & Fitipaldis released ‘Lo más lejos a tu lado’, their third studio album. The album achieves the Double Platinum Record,[4] the radio formulas begin to play songs like ‘La casa por el tejado’ or ‘Soldadito marinero’ – and the disc supposes the consolidation of the band in the national panorama. In August 2004 Fito & Fitipaldis offered a free concert in Bilbao’s festivities in front of about 70,000 people.[5] The concert was recorded in ‘Vivo… para contarlo’, a live CD+DVD that would obtain the Platinum Record.[3] The name of the album was suggested by Andrés Calamaro.
It is in 2005 when the journalist Darío Vico (Rolling Stone, El País) publishes the book of conversations ‘Cultura de bar’, in which Fito speaks openly and gives an extensive review of his career from the beginnings until that moment.
In November 2006, the album’s presentation tour begins. When the tour concludes in December 2007, more than 100 concerts had been performed, with an overall attendance of more than 700,000 spectators.


Fito y los Fitipaldis was born in 1998, when its leader Fito Cabrales decided to leave Platero y tu to start a new project that moved away from the rock songs about love, alcohol and drugs of Platero. With Fito y Fitipaldis he wanted to give free rein to his talent to express personal stories playing various styles from rock, blues, jazz or swing.
They began the massive concerts throughout the national geography and a rising success with the release of their next albums «Por la boca vive el pez» (2006), «Antes de que cuente diez» (2009) and «Huyendo conmigo de mí» (2014).


Fito & los Fitipaldis returned to Malaga where they were eagerly awaited to present in the city their fifth album in their tour «Antes de que cuente diez», in the municipal Auditorium «Cortijo de Torres», a facility managed by Málaga Deporte y Eventos.
The concert did not disappoint anyone. More than 9,000 people, eager to hear and chant his songs, were rewarded as Fito started strong with his best known repertoire of his current tour. The band’s greatest hits were played at the beginning of the performance, such as Antes de que cuente 10 or Por la boca vive el pez.

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